Welcome to my Gallery

I create one of a kind timeless, unique, thoughtful, inspirational  pieces of artwork for your space.


Chanel kreuzer   


Chanel Kreuzer is from the  Texas area who enjoys painting floral’s and contemporary figurative work in all mediums, with oils as her strength she loves to paint in a raw expressive approach. With bold brushwork she seeks to capture a sense of emotion and beauty when painting. She started painting at the age of five, and is influenced by her love for art, the Impressionists, and neo expressionism. She is primarily self-educated but has also trained at Atelier Dojo and the Austin Fine Arts Academy.

Chanel's exposure to her mother's Mexican heritage and memories of her grandmother's garden helped develop her appreciation of color and florals. These influences culminated in her work being displayed at the University of Texas Mexican American Cultural Center in 2017. Her work can also be collected on Artsy.net

Artist statement 

My love for nature, and living in Texas has greatly influenced my work as an artist. I enjoy painting in bold strokes and vibrant colors. My paintings are about bringing the simplicities and beauty in nature, and in life to canvas. 

For all inquiries email chanelsweets83@gmail.com